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Monday, January 16, 2006


The PMC Quick Note is a weekly service provided to all area directors.  It is part of our mission to support the lives of band directors across the Midwest.  The weekly Quick Note will contain helpful tips and suggestions from area directors, spotlights on area college and university band programs, calendars of upcoming events, advocacy articles promoting music education, links to helpful web resources, and much more.  Comments, suggestions, ideas, and articles are always welcome.


Incredible Music Theory Site -- You've Gotta Use This!

Many of us scramble to find ways to implement technology into our classrooms or challenge advanced students. This website will solve both of those problems. There is a very user-friendly site called which is a fantastic tool for remedial or advanced students alike. There are lessons for the staff, clefs, ledger lines, counting and meter, scales and key signatures, intervals and chords, and even harmonic analysis. There are trainers to test note names, key signatures, intervals, and you need to see the ear training modules. Take some time to play around this site and you'll find yourself anxious to introduce it to your students. The web author also gives you the option of downloading the program to use offline.

The Key Trainer shows the student a key signature, and then they select which key it is. You can click the Settings button to select or de-select certain keys.

The Chord Ear Trainer plays a chord and then the student identifies what chord they hear. You can click on the checkmarks to select or de-select certain chords.

The Note Trainer shows a note on the staff and then the student clicks on the note name. The module offers treble, bass, alto, and tenor clefs. You can select from any or all of them.

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