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Monday, October 13, 2008


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Drum Major Salutes by Randy Gilmore

Q:  I've seen so many different "salute" styles over the years. What is the best style to use?

A: The drum major's salute should be in keeping with the style and "look" of the drum major uniform. The drum major should salute in the style and character of his/her costume. For most uniforms, it is best to keep it simple with a classical out-and-up salute or even a concert-like bow.

Also, you need to make sure the salute makes sense with the attitude of your show. Everything contributes (or detracts) from the telling of your story, so make sure this piece fits with the rest of the whole.

Whatever salute you choose, it must be well rehearsed and performed with great confidence. Still, if I were to give an opinion, I'd say, keep it simple. Get it over with and get on with the show!

PMC would like to thank Randy Gilmore of Marching Show Concepts for his permission to include this material in our weekly Quick Note.

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