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Monday, April 13, 2009


The PMC Quick Note is a service provided to all area directors. It is part of our mission to support the lives of band directors across the Midwest. The Quick Note contains helpful tips and suggestions from area directors, spotlights on area college and university band programs, calendars of upcoming events, advocacy articles promoting music education, links to helpful web resources, and much more.  Comments, suggestions, ideas, and articles are always welcome.


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Students who were exposed to music-based lessons scored a full 100% higher on fractions tests than those who learned in the conventional manner.

-- Neurological Research, March 15, 1999

Summer Music Camp Dates Needed

Back by popular demand, we will be featuring a list of upcoming summer music opportunities. If you have information on a summer music camp for band, orchestra, leadership, or marching, please let us know!

25 Ways To Strengthen Your Leadership Skills by Dr. Belva Worthen Prather

Each band member is a valuable piece of gold in the musical treasure chest. Here is a list of twenty-one ways to strengthen leadership skills. For a printable copy of this article to handout to your students, please click here for Word doc format or click here for Adobe pdf format.

1. Assume leadership from where ever you sit.

2. Practice daily. Musical growth happens over time and rewards will eventually come.

3. Keep a record of your practice time.

4. Practice with someone who needs help.

5. Play your part perfectly! Every part is important.

6. Initiate a sectional.

7. Spread the enthusiasm. Host a party for your section.

8. Come to rehearsal prepared to learn. Have all required equipment… music, pencil, mutes, valve oil, reeds, etc.

9. Keep instrument in good condition.

10. Clean your instrument regularly.

11. Don't talk in rehearsal… and insist that others are quiet. (Peer pressure really works!)

12. Make a note of musical instructions… Once they are marked, you will never miss it again!

13. Have a pleasant, positive attitude in rehearsal. Your demeanor has an impact on the director and on your friends.

14. Value the band experience. The opportunity is not automatic. It is your organization and you must be responsible for it!

15. Encourage young players. Offer to assist with beginners. Attend their concerts.

16. Lend a helping hand without being asked to do so. There are always jobs to be done around the band room.

17. Offer to help in the music library.

18. Remember that energy and mindset are standard equipment for productivity.

19. Be competitive. Take guidance cheerfully.

20. Remember that your words and attitudes have power! The spirit of the band is a reflection of you.

21. Respect your director.

22. Respect others.

23. Stand up for what is right! Band is the ultimate team… The spirit, behavior, musicianship and attitude of one member represents all!

24. Carry yourself with confidence and pride.

25. Be a “leader”. Be an IDEAL BANDSMAN.

Dr. Belva Prather serves as Director of the University Wind Ensemble, the University Wind Symphony, and the University Concert Band at Missouri State University . She is Professor of Music in the College of Arts & Letters where she teaches Wind Band Literature, Advanced Conducting, and Research in the Graduate College and serves as Associate Director of the Pride Marching Band.


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