"A repair tech is a problem-solver, mechanic, acoustician, plumber, musician, body worker, innovator, painter, jeweler, tool & die maker, electroplater, counselor, buffer, chemist, designer, carpenter and machine tool operator all in one. A tech will have to employ brute force at times and a feather touch other times.

Repairing band instruments requires a large number of interdependent skills each requiring a high degree of development. Too, intimate knowledge of how instruments function acoustically and mechanically is continually fostered through learning and experience." 


Palen Music Center

Online Repair & Loaner Instrument Request

Welcome to the Palen Music Center online instrument repair entry form and loaner instrument request portal. Please fill out the information below and a PMC representative will pick up your instrument at school to take it in for repair. There are no delivery charges and estimates are always free with no obligation.