Repair Services

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"A repair tech is a problem-solver, mechanic, acoustician, plumber, musician, body worker, innovator, painter, jeweler, tool & die maker, electroplater, counselor, buffer, chemist, designer, carpenter and machine tool operator all in one. A tech will have to employ brute force at times and a feather touch other times.

Repairing band instruments requires a large number of interdependent skills each requiring a high degree of development. Too, intimate knowledge of how instruments function acoustically and mechanically is continually fostered through learning and experience."


Transfer Mozingo Music Account to Palen Music Center

Please watch the brief video by clicking above. We are excited about the transition and need to bring your rental account over from Mozingo Music to Palen Music.
All of your payment information and contract terms remain exactly the same — the only difference is the company collecting and applying your payments.
You will only be charged your normal monthly payment and it will come out on the same day you typically pay.
If you have any questions, please reach out to us at (417) 882-7733. We look forward to serving you!