Monday, January 22, 2018

The Care and Feeding of Woodwind Beginners
by Mary Ann French
Stress good posture and hand position every day. It takes consistent and diligent attention to details to ensure these will become the norm.

MaryAnnFrenchJPGGetting off to a good start with woodwind beginners can be somewhat overwhelming for even the best teachers. There are multiple instrument parts, reeds and mouthpiece set-ups, embouchures, and hand position, just to name a few of the things involved in getting started. In order to have a successful beginning year you need to have a plan. Here are a few ideas that may help.

It is much easier to get it right the first time than to have to go back and correct bad habits! Make each day fun and interesting by changing pacing and activities and don't be afraid to "punt" if something is not working. Try to teach each day with energy and enthusiasm. It will pay off!

Mary Ann French has been teaching music to students for more than 35 years. After graduating from Arkansas Tech University, she began her teaching career in Morrilton, Arkansas. After moving to Oklahoma, she worked at Bartlesville and later at Owasso for 15 years. Mary Ann has also taught in Maryland and Texas. After returning to Oklahoma, she spent 4 years as an educational representative for Palen Music Company before returning to the classroom with Union Public Schools. She has two grown children and too many animals to mention.

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